Full gut kitchen renovations allow maximizing the available floor surface and transforming it into a modern and functional cooking space. Larger fridges are accommodated and taller upper cabinets are installed for added storage space. Natural and artificial lighting is improved often by the new windows, pot lights and task lighting installed. Each kitchen is custom designed to deliver on the specific needs of the homeowner.

Complete bathroom renovations achieve a brighter, cleaner and pleasant look. In floor heating adds warmth and comfort to your feet. Open concept layouts are achieved when existing walls and bulkheads around tubs or showers are removed and frameless glass enclosures are installed. Shampoo niches are both a design statement as well as a fully functional feature for a tub or shower. Custom or standard vanity and medicine cabinets provide optimal storage in a tight space.

Finishing an unfinished basement or redoing a finished basement from scratch provides maximum utility and comfort to the home owner. The new layouts typically include a family/recreation room, 3-piece bathroom, laundry, mechanical room, storage areas/closets/ room and if the space allows, also an office and/or bedroom. The finished space becomes as pleasant and inviting as any other above grade renovated space.

Back additions, side additions and second floor/top additions give the homeowner’s the needed extra space in their own home without having to buy a larger home and leave their great neighbourhood. Also, energy efficiency gains, improved brightness and extra storage space are achieved through these projects. The design, permit and build stages of the project require months of work on these larger scale construction projects so an early start guarantees finishing on time.

Various projects throughout the house considerably improve the life style of the home owner by increasing the house’s safety, lighting, ventilation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, appearance, functionality and warmth. Reconfiguring existing closets or building new ones, replacing unsafe stairs and railings, laundry room or closet reconfiguration, adding decorative trim work or tiling, paint refreshing, flooring upgrades, insulation upgrades and water damage repairs are just some of such projects

Exterior waterproofing of foundation walls and weather tight roofing are essential for any home as dampness, mould and water damages are deteriorating fast the house. Changing windows and exterior doors improve tightness of the house envelope and improve house’s exterior charm. Front porches and stairs are major contributors to the curb appeal. Back decks, patios, landscaping and fences that are nice and functional create an island of paradise right in your backyard.